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Tips in Repairing Cracked Concrete Floor Coatings

Concrete floors have that tendency to crack when they are exposed to too much stress. These cracks are awful to look at especially when the concrete floor coatings are damaged as well. Your best way to deal with it is to repair the upper layer. This is true for those light cracks but for those severe ones, you might want to have professionals check them out. Light cracks won’t affect the foundation of the floor as much as the huge ones. You can easily conceal them by fixing the coating above the crack. You can do this by yourself with the guide of the following tips.

  • Before you apply anything to the surface, make sure that it is clean. Sweep any dirt, rocks or gravel away from the cracked area. Also, scrub the area to remove the oil and other residues. This will give you a clean surface where the concrete and coating can adhere to. If you don’t do this properly, the coating will simply peel off in the future.
  • With this clean surface, you can now apply your cement mixture on the light cracks to strengthen the flooring. This will also give your flooring a smoother surface where the coating floor coatings can adhere to. A great tip here is to apply two layers of concrete on the area but make sure to apply the second layer before the first layer has set. Remember to smoothen out the two layers to get that even surface.
  • After you made sure that the newly cemented concrete is completely dry, you can now prepare it for the coating. Inspect the surface for unevenness. If you do happen to see one, use a sand paper to even it out. Just like before, clean this area once more and make sure to remove all the fine dust that resulted from sanding it out.
  • Apply your coating properly using the proper tools. Follow the directions written in the coating package. If you don’t have any experience in doing this, it would be best to ask one of your friends and families to help you with the job.


  • Don’t just choose any kind of coating. Make sure that you know what to look for. When you apply the wrong coating, it may peel off after a few weeks and expose the cement.
  • You should know how to properly apply both the cement and coating. A mistake here might cause you to do the repair job all over again.

Generally, repairing the small cracks on your concrete flooring is an easy job. All you need is the proper technique, tools and correct concrete floor coatings. You don’t have to spend a lot on hiring the professionals to do this for you. You only need them when your floorings have severe cracks. But if you really have no idea how to do this, you can ask the help of your friends and family. They will surely help you for free for as long as you ask them nicely. ick Here